THEOSA- The Alumni Association 

          Mar Theophilus Training College Alumni Association- THEOSA was initiated in the year 1992 as an informal organization even with officers, a set of objectives, a newsletter and a constitution. Most of the members are supporting our regular wing voluntarily. The association functions locally, nationally as well as internationally. Alumni members act as a catalyst in all activities of the college especially in radiating the virtue of the college as its Brand Ambassador. Theosa acts as a linkage between generations, society and an opportunity for
present students. Theosa coordinates Competitions, Annual Get-Together, Annual Tour, other Events, Services and Newsletter for current students, including various fields and provide them endowments for accomplishments.

          Each member of THEOSA and friends of the THEOSA decided to contribute in the Extension Activities of the College. As the association decided to be an informal organization even with officers, a set of objectives, a newsletter, and a constitution, there is no registration of the Association so far. Most of the members are supporting our regular wing voluntarily. In UAE-Gulf Region , THEOSA was started in 2015 as a seperate chapter, the leaders usually gather socially from time to time. Still, it is in the process of growing and the able leaders of abroad unit is trying to take the organisation to the next level of growth.
          The President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Executive Committee were designated as the key point of contact, and a few people willing to help the association are identified. The parent chapter of THEOSA in our college is shouldering new chapters like USA- Canada and Australia are under organization for circulating the details of events and other significant news to the THEOSA Chapters around the world.




All pass out students are enrolled in the Alumni Association. Later, they will be naturally enrolled as per
the rules described.

1. Motivating the freshly enrolled students
2. Involvement in the in-house curriculum development
3. Organization of various activities other than class room activities
4. Support to curriculum delivery using Extension wings
5. Student mentoring in new areas of Exploration
6. Financial contribution for Scholarships and Endowments.
7. Placement advice and support through Placement Cell

The policy of THEOSA in financial matters are membership fee from new members,by contributions received by Alumini for a specific Association program and Theosa-Sponsored Scholarships for bright students in each academic year.





1.Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thomas,The Eparchial Bishop of the Eparchy of Bathery.
2.Dr.Theresa Susan. A, Former Dean, Department of Education, University of Kerala.
3.Dr. Geetha M.S., Former Dean, Department of Education, University of Kerala.
4.Dr. K .Manikyaraj, Member, Syndicate, University of Kerala
5.Dr. Varghese K. Cheriyan, Syndicate member, M.G. University, Kottayam.
6.Dr. Sajna Jaleel, AssociateProfessor, School of Pedagogical Sciences, Mahatma Gandhi University
7.Mr. K. Rajashekharan Nair, Tahasildar,(L&RR) Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
8.Smt. N. R. Sreelekha, Additional Secretary, Health and Family Welfare Dept., Govt. of
9.Sri. Anish Kumar B, Deputy Director, Dept. of Economics and Statistics, Govt. of Kerala
10.Smt. K. S. Susymole, Assistant Registrar, University of Kerala
11.Dr. K. Y. Benedict., Principal, MTTC, Secretary, All KErala Training College Principals
Association, Regional Head, KFUNAI, Thiruvananthapuram.
12.Dr. Giby Geevarghese, Former Chairperson, Board of Studies in Education -U G , University of


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