According to University Grants Commission Notification New Delhi, the 6th May, 2019 F.No. 14-4/2012(CPP-II). Committees for Student Grievance Redressals were constituted as Collegiate Student Grievance Redressal Committee (CSGRC)in Mar Theophilus Training College.



(i) A complaint from an aggrieved student relating to a college shall be addressed to the

Collegiate Student Grievance Redressal Committee (CSGRC), with the following

composition, namely:

The members were selected for two years (2019-21)). In each meeting will discuss about different affairs related to student’s welfare. It ensures the presence of three members (minimum) during every meeting. Each decision must ensure Natural Justice to the aggrieved student. The report details with recommendations should be send to the Vice-chancellor of the University of Kerala (if needed) and a copy thereof to the aggrieved student within a period of 15 days from the date of receipt of the complaint.


The Committee constituted of

a) Dr K. Y. Benedict (Principal)– Ombudsperson

b) Members;

Rev.Fr.Thomas Kayallakkal

Dr. Giby Gee Varghese

Dr.  Joju John

Dr. Maya S

Mr. Binu. K. Joy

Roshini S. Raj (Student Representative)




(i) Until this notification came intoregulation, Redressal of Grievances were conducted offline.The committee's strategy was to clearly study the grievances presented by students in the counsellingsessions and after discussion, committee suggest solutions.When dealing with issues, the Committee paid special attention to dealing with the privacy of children in a manner that would not in any way harm their freedom too.

(ii)From 6th May 2016, institution shall, within a period of three months from the date of issue of this notification,have an online portal where any aggrieved student may submit an application seeking redressal ofgrievance.

(iii) On receipt of an online complaint, the institution shall refer the complaint to the appropriateStudent Grievance Redressal Committee, along with its comments within 15 days of receipt ofcomplaint on the online portal.

(iv) The Student Grievance Redressal Committee, as the case may be, shall fix a date for hearing thecomplaint which shall be communicated to the institution and the aggrieved student.

(v) An aggrieved student may appear either in person or authorize a representative to present the case.

(vi) Grievances not resolved by the University Student Grievance Redressal Committee shall bereferred to the Ombudsperson, within the time period provided in these regulations.

(vii) Institutions shall extend co-operation to the Ombudsperson or the Student Grievance RedressalCommittee(s), as the case may be, in early redressal of grievances; and failure to do so may bereported by the Ombudsperson to the Commission, which shall take action in accordance with theprovisions of these regulations.

(viii) The Ombudsperson shall, after giving reasonable opportunities of being heard to both parties, onthe conclusion of proceedings, pass such order, with reasons there for, as may be deemed fit toredress the grievance and provide such relief as may be appropriate to the aggrieved student.

(ix) The institution, as well as the aggrieved student, shall be provided with copies of the order underthe signature of the Ombudsperson, and the institution shall place it for general information on itswebsite.

(x) The institution shall comply with the recommendations of the Ombudsperson; and theOmbudsperson shall report to the Commission any failure on the part of the institution to complywith the recommendations.

(xi) The Ombudsperson may recommend appropriate action against the complainant, where a complaintis found to be false or frivolous.





An institution shall furnish, prominently, on its website and in its prospectus, all relevant information inrespect of the Student Grievance Redressal Committee(s) coming in its purview, and the Ombudspersonfor the purpose of appeals.


 The Commission shall in respect of any institution, which wilfully contravenes these regulations orrepeatedly fails to comply with the recommendation of the Ombudsperson or the Grievance RedressalCommittee(s), as the case may be, proceed to take one or more of the following actions, namely:(a) withdrawal of declaration of fitness to receive grants under section 12B of the Act;(b) withholding any grant allocated to the Institution;(c) declaring the institution ineligible for consideration for any assistance under any of the general or special assistance programs of the Commission;(d) informing the general public, including potential candidates for admission, through a noticedisplayed prominently in suitable media and posted on the website of the Commission, declaringthat the institution does not possess the minimum standards for redressal of grievances;(e) recommend to the affiliating University for withdrawal of affiliation, in case of a college;(f) take such action as it may deem necessary, appropriate and fit, in case of an institution deemed tobe University;(g) recommend to the Central Government, if required, for withdrawal of declaration as institutiondeemed to be a University, in case of an institution deemed to be University;

(h) recommend to the State Government to take necessary and appropriate action, in case of aUniversity established or incorporated under a State Act;(i) such other action as may be deemed necessary and appropriate against an institution for noncompliance.Provided that no action shall be taken by the Commission under this regulation, unless the institution hasbeen given an opportunity to explain its position and an opportunity of being heard has been provided toit.

Nothing mentioned hereinabove in these regulations shall affect the continuance in office, during the currency of the term, of an incumbent Ombudsperson appointed under the provisions of the UGC (Grievance Redressal) Regulations, 2012; where after, the appointment of Ombudsperson shall be made as per University Grants Commission (Redress of Grievances of Students) Regulations, 2019. )


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